Our Nutrition Program

Childhood malnourishment and lack of sanitation continue to be challenges in rural India; lack of enthusiasm and weak learning levels among children can be directly linked to hunger and malnutrition in children.

The school has a unique nutrition enhancement program. The school owns three cows belonging to decent breeds. The milk from these cows (about 15 lits/day), fortified with nutrient mixture supplied by Sathya Sai Students, Bangalore (another NGO, mixture developed by experts in the field of child nutrition) and jaggery, is distributed to all our children. Whenever milk production from our cows drops below our need, the school procures milk from the village dairy and sustains this program. This program introduced in early 2007 has produced remarkable results already. Children’s classroom involvement has grown considerably and children remain energetic even after they reach their homes and this enhanced activity levels have produced a positive impact on post-school studies in the form of fewer children defaulting on submitting their homework assignments.

It is our earnest hope that we will be able to add a decent meal to this program in the near future.