Welcome to BRAHMI

A Non-commercial, Secular and Humanitarian Organization dedicated to Primary Education and Spread of Literacy in Rural India

"Brahmi Educational and Cultural Trust (Brahmi) is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization dedicated to the education of disadvantaged children in India who have no opportunities for an education.

Without access to a school, teachers, and opportunities for learning, disadvantaged children from poor families, especially in non-urban and impoverished areas, fall into child labor and remain locked in a cycle of poverty the rest of their lives.

Brahmi aims to transform the lives of these children through education. Our goal is to build schools in impoverished areas where there are no schools and educational opportunities.

Brahmi’s established its first school, Anjana, in Bangalore India in 2001. Anjana is a full-fledged elementary school that is transforming the lives of children and the communities it serves.

Brahmi created such an impact with the establishment of its first school, Anjana, in the outskirts of Bangalore, India in 2000. Through the hard work of dedicated individuals, Anjana is now a full elementary school providing education from preschool through 7th grade to 180 children who would otherwise have no educational opportunities. In the process of educating children, families have been transformed, and the community has been strengthened.”