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Annual Sports Day

Our annual sports day was celebrated on 31st November,2007. We had Maintec group participating in our event. All children divided into three vertical groups (Arjuna, Ekalavya and Bheema) competed with each other.

There were events for all classes. The events for KG sections and lower classes were held in the morning session. The crow-walk, spoon race and target throw events were main attractions for these children.

The senior students had cross-country race, 100m and 400m, kabbaddi and Cricket. The highlight of the day was a friendly cricket match between Maintec group and Anjana School Team. The school team was led by Mr. Anand Rajan and interestingly Maintec Managing Director Mr. Naveen,V played for the school, being a member of the board of Trustees.
The Anjana Team won the match and the star of the match was Anand.

The Arjuna Team won the overall shield and Mr. Mahesh won the individual championship.
Mr. Naveen Varadarajan and Sri.Srinivasan, our principal gave away the prizes to the winners.
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A week long nature trek and wildlife exploration camp was organized for our senior students (5th,6th and 7th grade children, about 30 students) at the Todikana jungles near Sulya, bordering Dakshina Kannada and Coorg (Kodagu) districts. The children were accompanied by three teachers and two support staff.
Todikana temple and the jungles is a destination for those visiting Talakaveri by trek. The Mallikarjuna temple here, believed to be the Ashram of Kanva Rishi, stands amidst serene ambience and it is also believed that the sages and gods reside in this place in the form of fish in the pond, therefore no fishing is allowed in this area. The temple is surrounded by the tall Koli-Kallu-Malai and Brahmagiri hills (where the river Cauvery takes its birth).
We trekked to the holy ‘Devaragundi’ water falls on the first day (about 6 km) and to the Koli-Kallu-Malai hill, a total distance of about 20 km on the second day. We visited the first low-cost suspension bridge in the country and enjoyed playing in the clean waters of Payaswini (Chandragiri puzha) river, which flows bordering Kerala state (near Kasargod). Our jeep-ride to Bhagamandala, a place, where Kannika and Sujyothi, the two tributaries to Cauvery river join. This is known as “Triveni Sangama” the meeting place of three rivers, considered auspicious by Indians. From here we trekked to Talacauvery (birthplace of Cauvery river, about 7 plus 7 km) and trekked back. The taste of Upma cooked in traditional coconut oil and bus ride to Talakaveri and waiting for food to get ready at the Vaishnava Math in Talakaveri form special memories for all of us. We want to be there again amidst “adike’ farms, rubber & coffee plantations and the ever flowing rivers!
*(A stone “Shasana” carved in Tamil language inside “Bhagundeshwara” temple states that in between the year 1785-1790 Tipu had converted it into a fort and had a company of his army. He had named Bhagamandala as “Afesalabad”. In 1790 King Doddaveeraraja took Bhagamandala back after having a fierce battle for five days. During the time of this battle there was a damage caused breaking three copper plates by the “Firangis” directly handled by Doddaveeraraja, which were later on replaced by four silver plates. The style of the temples built in Malayali style brings the memory of temples in the far off Nepal).

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