Brahmi Board of Trustees

  The trustees and office bearers are professionals engaged in various vocations who have come together in this endeavour, as all of them hold a strong belief that education means empowerment and this effort should commence from the pre-primary school stage.

  Praveen Raja, Ph.D
  Clinical Psychologist,

  Naveen Raja, MD
  Rheumatologist and Internist ,

  Rajiv Kaushik, Phd
  Group CIO at Ivanhoe Group of Companies,

  Vatsala Subramoni, I.R.S(Retd.),
  Commisioner Income Tax,

  Naveen Varadarajan

  GBS Bindra


  Donor of Anjana School Land

  Mr.Y.Raghavachar, Retd. Head Master
  Ranganatha High School, Kalkunte, Bangalore Rural