Getting to our School

By Bus

The noisy and crowded City Market bus station in the city has buses leaving to Tattanoor village (route 322M) and Muthkadahalli (route 322)villages. The approximate time table is as follows:

  Route 322M Route 322 Route 322A
StartingCity MarketCity MarketMejestic Bus Stand
Destination Guttahalli Muthakadahalli Guttahalli (school)
Departure6am, 11.30am, 3.30 pm6.30am, 12.30 & 4 pm7am, 12.30 pm

The journey takes about ninety minutes. It is always good to purchase a daily pass costing Rs. 30 and use it the entire day to change buses to get to the destination. Here is the route map:

The route after HopeFarm touches NH207 and you will leave this road at Bodhanahosahalli to a village road (almost an extension to the road you have traveled so far; the NH curves to the left nearly by 90o and goes to Chikkatirupati; look for sign posts to go towards Ayurgram). You will pass through many eucalyptus farms. Do keep your eyes open during your journey to observe baskets of farm produce, chickens and other farm animals.

It is easier to get to the village “Bodhanahosahalli” after reaching Hope Farm. The frequency of buses from either City Bus Stand or City Market to Hope farm is every 20 minutes; change bus at Hope Farm to go to “Bodhanahosahalli.” Once you arrive at Bodhanahosahalli, please call us at the school for help. Someone from the school will meet you at the bus station and escort you to the school.

Contact Information:


+91-80-7946102 / +91-9448584569 / +91- 9945013193