A Day at the School

This is a non-residential school. Children attend school from about nearby villages The school working hours are :
  • 8.15 AM to 12.30 AM (pre-school children)
  • 8.15 AM to 3.50 PM (elementary school children)
The school session begins with an assembly session that includes daily prayer or inspirational message, principal’s message, student presentation, school announcements, and group singing. It is the time when the entire school comes together as one community before the start of school.

Click here to listen to our school prayer

The classes begin after the assembly. Each class-hour is of 60 min duration.

Monday to Friday Saturday (4 – 7th Grades Only)
8.15 - 9.00 Assembly Assembly
Session I 
9.00 – 10.00 Class-hour 1 Yoga Session
10.00 – 10.10Break Break
10.10 – 11.10 Class-hour 2 Veda Chanting, Music Class
11.10 – 12.20Class-hour 3Fun Mathematics
Pre-school session closes  
12.20 –13.00LunchLunch
Session II  
13.00 –14.00Class-hour 4Weekly Science Experiment
14.00 –15.00 Class-hour 5 Weekly Campus Cleaning Session
15.00 –16.00Class-hour 6Distribution of fortified Milk
16.00 –16.15 Distribution of fortified Milk Distribution of library books for weekend reading

Activities : Children spend a number of post-lunch sessions in preparing for Wisdom-Wall monthly magazine. Our new activity/science center offers interesting sessions for children including Audio-Visual programs and listening to satellite radio. Many children spend time during late afternoons in games and exercises with guidance from teachers on campus.

Socially useful work : The campus is maintained clean and free of plastics. Children maintain the school garden and their playground. Apart from daily cleaning sessions by rotation among senior students, an elaborate weekly session is carried out on Saturdays.

There is fun and excitement on the campus which is translated into good attendance by the students and negligible dropout rates in the last six years.