This beautiful pathway welcomes
you to the School

The school is located is a small village (Guttahalli) about forty kilometers to the east of Bangalore, not very far from Whitefield, the nearest town. The campus is located on a 1.5 acre piece of land near the village. Being situated amidst farms, the surrounding is calm and beautiful. The buildings are hidden behind a green cover as the trees we have been planting during the last five years have grown to make the property one of the greenest patches for miles around. The sparrows that had disappeared due to the growing noise and activity now return frequently and can be seen on the campus along with many other species of birds.

The school buildings include a small temple, a large assembly hall, spacious class rooms, residential quarters for teachers, a kitchen, toilets, a simple library, a computer room, a science activity area, and a sports room.

The buildings on the campus have been designed and built by local workmen based on native construction expertise and using locally available materials. For example, the simple roofs made of coconut logs and clay tiles provide adequate circulation and lighting, while simplifying maintenance.

Our Playground

Being a day school, students travel to school from local villages. As most teachers live on campus, they are available for the students even after working hours. On many occasions groups of students stay on campus and spend additional time in extracurricular activities such as astronomy, dance, or folk-drama..

The school also maintains a small dairy and provides a glass of milk fortified with a special nutrition powder supplied by another charity organization to ensure optimal daily nutrition for the school children. The school also maintains a small vegetable garden, which has been quite productive and these activities generates a lot of interest among students. As part of the school’s focus on renewable energy, the school maintains a composting operation and generates cooking gas from two Bio-gas units to meet the daily natural gas requirements of the kitchen.


Adding value …Our Temple
This small temple at the entrance is a symbol of tranquility and equality. In a set-up where caste hierarchy forces barring the low caste people from entering upper caste houses and holy places, this temple is open for all children and the deity ‘Ganesha’(the elephant God) is touched and worshipped by both girls and boys. This simple activity, removes all differences and creates sense of equality among all the children .